Al/Cu Lugs

Sandard: DIN 46235

Hermes Al/Cu cable lugs are manufactured from high conductive aluminium with copper coating.


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    Part Number Product Description Conductor Material Unit Weight
    HCL 22901 Al/Cu Lugs 16mm² Al/Cu 0,050
    HCL 22903 Al/Cu Lugs 25mm² Al/Cu 0,052
    HCL 22905 Al/Cu Lugs 35mm² Al/Cu 0,057
    HCL 22907 Al/Cu Lugs 50mm² Al/Cu 0,065
    HCL 22909 Al/Cu Lugs 70mm² Al/Cu 0,070
    HCL 22911 Al/Cu Lugs 95mm² Al/Cu 0,110
    HCL 22913 Al/Cu Lugs 120mm² Al/Cu 0,115
    HCL 22915 Al/Cu Lugs 150mm² Al/Cu 0,130
    HCL 22917 Al/Cu Lugs 185mm² Al/Cu 0,220
    HCL 22919 Al/Cu Lugs 240mm² Al/Cu 0,220
    HCL 22921 Al/Cu Lugs 300mm² Al/Cu 0,290

    * We also supply Compression Tube Earth Lugs complete with two stud holes.