C Type Rod Clamps

Sandard: IEC EN 62561

Hermes earth rod to conductor clamps are designed to join various sizes of conductor tape to the earth electrode. The clamps have a high resistance to corrosion and are mechanically strong to ensure a lasting connection.

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    Part Number Product Description Max. Rod Dia in Milimeter Max.  Conductor Size Unit Weight
    HRT 32709 C Type Rod Clamp 16 1x50mm² 0,100
    HRT 32711 C Type Rod Clamp 18 1x50mm² 0,100
    HRT 32715 C Type Rod Clamp 20 1x25mm² 0,110
    HRT 32717 C Type Rod Clamp 20 1x35mm² 0,110
    HRT 32719 C Type Rod Clamp 20 1x50mm² 0,110
    HRT 32721 C Type Rod Clamp 20 1x70mm² 0,110
    HRT 32723 C Type Rod Clamp 20 1x95mm² 0,120

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