Earth Bosses/Points

Sandard: IEC EN 62561

Hermes earth rod to conductor clamps are designed to join various sizes of conductor tape to the earth electrode. The clamps have a high resistance to corrosion and are mechanically strong to ensure a lasting connection.

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    Part Number Product Description Material Type Dimensions in milimeter Unit Weight
    HRT 36533 Earthing Terminal V2A M10x220 0,290
    HRT 36534 Earthing Terminal Concrete Wall Flanges V2A M10x220 0,810
    HRT 36535 Earth Boss Mild Steel Steel 40×50 0,500
    HRT 36537 Earth Boss V2A V2A 40×50 0,500
    HRT 36805 Earth Point Single Bolted Copper Alloy M8 0,250
    HRT 36857 Earth Point Double Bolted Copper Alloy 2xM8 0,350
    HRT 36905 Earth Point Four Bolted Copper Alloy 4xM8 0,450
    HRT 36907 Earth Point Tape Connection Copper Alloy 30×3 0,390
    HRT 36908 Earthing Receptacle Copper Alloy M10/M12 0,650

    * For Special dimensions please contact to sales department.