LV Surge Arresters

Sandard: IEC EN 62305 / IEC EN 61643

Hermes surge arresters connected between phases and the ground, and neutral loads and the ground in low voltage systems, switch to conduction in case of an impact and absorb the instantaneous overvoltage onto themselves. They take on the impulse voltages to which the system would beexposed.


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    Part Number Product Description Phase Working Voltage Imax
    HSP 57001 LV Surge Arrester Type 1 Single Phase 220V 100kA
    HSP 57003 LV Surge Arrester Type 1 Three Phase 220V 100kA
    HSP 57005 LV Surge Arrester Type 2 Single Phase 220V 40kA
    HSP 57007 LV Surge Arrester Type 2 Three Phase 220V 40kA
    HSP 57009 LV Surge Arrester Type 1+2 Three Phase 220V 125kA
    HSP 57011 LV Surge Arrester Type 2+3 Three Phase 220V 50kA
    HSP 57013 LV Surge Arrester PoE Protection 48V 10kA
    HSP 57015 LV Surge Arrester Coaxial Protection
    HSP 57017 LV Surge Arrester Fine Protection(Power Outlet)
    HSP 57019 LV Surge Arrester Telecom Line Protection Device
    HSP 57021 LV Surge Arrester Satellite Line Protection Device

    * Please contact to sales department for more surge arrester options.