Test Clamps

Sandard: IEC EN 62305

Hermes test clamps used with lightning protection systems according to IEC EN 62305


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    Part Number Product Description Conductor Type Material Unit Weight
    HLP 12555 Test Clamp 1x50mm² Brass 0,150
    HLP 12405 Test Clamp 2x50mm² Pvc+Copper 0,360
    HLP 12413 Test Clamp 25x3mm Pvc+Copper 0,280
    HLP 12415 Test Clamp 30x3mm Pvc+Copper 0,280
    HLP 12525 Test Clamp 2x50mm² Pvc+Steel 0,360
    HLP 12526 Test Clamp 30x3mm Pvc+Steel 0,260
    HLP 12572 Test Clamp 30x3mm Copper Alloy 0,230