Insulated Copper Tapes

Sandard: IEC EN 13601 / IEC EN 62561-2
Hermes high conductivity ınsulated copper tapes are used on both lightning protection and earthing applications. It is annealed for ease of installation. Hermes copper tapes are available in a range of different sizes to meet costumer needs.

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    Part Number Product Description Color Coil Length in Meter Unit Weight / Meter
    HEC 20603 Insulated Copper Tape 25x3mm Yellow Green 15 0,750
    HEC 20605 Insulated Copper Tape 25x3mm Black 15 0,750
    HEC 20607 Insulated Copper Tape 30x3mm Yellow Green 15 0,900
    HEC 20609 Insulated Copper Tape 30x3mm Black 15 0,900