İzoleli Bakır Şeritler

Sandart: IEC EN 13601 / IEC EN 62561-2
Hermes high conductivity ınsulated copper tapes are used on both lightning protection and earthing applications. It is annealed for ease of installation. Hermes copper tapes are available in a range of different sizes to meet costumer needs.

    Teklif Alın

    Part Number Product Description Color Coil Length in Meter Unit Weight / Meter
    HEC 20603 İzoleli Bakır Şerit 25x3mm Sarı/Yeşil 15 0,750
    HEC 20605 İzoleli Bakır Şerit 25x3mm Siyah 15 0,750
    HEC 20607 İzoleli Bakır Şerit 30x3mm Sarı/Yeşil 15 0,900
    HEC 20609 İzoleli Bakır Şerit 30x3mm Siyah 15 0,900